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I am a mother of two young boys and one baby daughter that I nicknamed "the hand grenades and the girl." I personally find the hilarious and stressful parts of parenting are best blogged about. Some days, life can feel like all out war, my armor is my humor. And my wine, don't underestimate the protection that a little wine can afford.

Why My Kids Go To Public School

Reasons I’m sending my kindergartner to public school: 1. My husband is making me. I used to firmly believe in parents taking action and investing time into making sure the public school system stays not just adequate, but educationally competitive … Continue reading

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Christmas In The Heart, Empty In The Wallet

The season of giving, receiving and believing. The season of keeping others in our minds, thoughts, prayers, hearts and digging into pantry cupboards for those cans of baby formula that we didn’t need but someone else will, or the soup … Continue reading

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The Disorienting Reality Of ADD

I would do just about anything to avoid calling my doctor. It doesn’t matter if I’m calling a physician or OBGYN, I absolutely hate having to deal with a receptionist who puts me through to a nurse who is never … Continue reading

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I Called Off Birthday Parties, For Now

I enjoy parties, having guests, cleaning up the house and pretending that it always looks that nice. I have always loved hosting, making people feel loved and welcome in my home, putting the expensive cheese on the one nice plate … Continue reading

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Bathroom Confessional, The HBO Special

I’m sitting in the bathroom, basically locking myself in solitary confinement while I type on my phone. I’m not hiding from my kids, no, that would be cliché and no different from what I do every day. Hiding is my … Continue reading

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Is Something Wrong?

It’s hard as parents to know when a child is crossing the proverbial line from being willful, high energy and strong towards being potentially diagnosed as hyperactive or having ADD. Preschool is difficult; it’s too soon to tell. Kids are … Continue reading

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Compost maggots and other reasons July sucks

It was somewhere between my boob sweat, the beetles on my kitchen floor and the maggots camping in my compost bin that I realized, I hate July. I loathe July like I loathe winter, but July has at least one … Continue reading

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